Monitoring design, locations, types of collected data and all other relevant information about currently conducted monitoring and long-term research projects were collected. All information were collated in metadatabase and used to prepare an inventory of main monitoring projects (Appendix 1). We can conclude that projects focus on monitoring both abiotic and biotic conditions. Several types of research activities can be distinguished: meteorology, atmospheric deposition and forest dieback, monitoring of forest, water, and wetland ecosystems, and monitoring of effects of deicing salt used for winter maintenance of the roads in the NP region. There are several projects, which are implemented transboundary and the same monitoring designs and methodologies are used (i.e. monitoring of glacial lakes, stream water chemistry, and effects of deicing salt). Other projects are carried out only in NPŠ, or in NPBW, but the neighbours have analogous projects with partly different monitoring designs. We also found that there are well-designed monitoring projects, which are operated only in one of the national parks so far. The BIOKLIM project focusing on the biodiversity monitoring in the Bavarian Forests and the long term monitoring of mires in NPŠ are projects delivering very important results but transboundary aspects are missing till now. There is a big challenge to improve these monitoring activities in transboundary design.

More details about current monitoring activities were published in a special issue of the Silva Gabreta journal (Silva Gabreta 21/1).

A catalog of main monitoring methodologies in transboundary region of the Šumava NP and Bavarian Forest NP has been completed. Text here.

  • A complete set of monitoring sites.
  • Monitoring of forest biodiversity – BIOKLIM project (BWNP). (asi zatím nemáme)
  • Monitoring of forest structure – biomonitoring project (NPŠ).
  • Monitoring of mires.
  • Monitorign of glacial lakes.
  • Monitoring of streams (BWNP).
  • Monitoring of restored streams (NPŠ).
  • Monitoring of hydrochemistry.
  • Monitoring of effects of deicing salt. (asi zatím nemáme)