Project Silva Gabreta

PROJECT Silva Gabreta

The natural region Bohemian Forest and Bavarian Forest has an outstanding importance for conservation and maintenance of biodiversity in Central Europe due to its size and structure of landscape. On both sides of the border, especially ecosystems in both National Parks were changed by natural disturbances. Due to the extensive release of forest management activities biodiversity could naturally develop at those areas. Monitoring of biodiversity enable us to document changes in ecological communities over time. Those data provide important information for the review of conservation status and for the understanding of ecological processes.


The project Silva Gabreta Monitoring serves for the creation and implementation of a common, transboundary monitoring programme for the National Parks Bavarian Forest and Sumava. The project focuses on the ecosystems of mountain forests, mires and freshwaters. The main objectives of the project are to plan and implement monitoring activities in close cooperation and to standardize methods for both sides. The transboundary collaboration and the recording of comparable data will significantly facilitate scientific exchange and the development of a transboundary management of this natural region.